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Cracked Screen

We repair all cell phones cracked screens usually in 1/2 hr. So if you need any of these repairs in the Columbia City area stop in. iPhone repair, Samsung repair, HTC repair, LG repair, iPad and Tablet repairs and more.

Speaker Repair

If your cell phone or iPad sound is muffled or not working we can get it fixed for you here at Super Geeks Repairs in Columbia City Indiana.

Data Transfers

Have a new iPhone or any other brand and want to transfer all your contacts and data to it, we can help you.

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Stop in at Super Geeks Repairs in Columbia City for your iPhone and iPad repairs. We also repair all other cell phones and tablets.

Free Diagnosis

Not sure what is wrong with your phone we can have a look at it and figure out your problem.

New Battery

Is your cell phone battery life low? We can get you a new battery to help your phone last all day.


Need your camera replaced on your cell phone? We can get you back to taking selfies in no time.

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New Batteries 145
Camera Repair 234
Wireless Service 518
Data Transfer 450
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Warranty FAQ

What does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers any manufacturer defects. Most cracked screens are from user error. The only way we can get reimbursed by the manufacturer is if the screen isn't cracked. So if the frame of the screen starts to separate we can replace it. If the LCD quits working and isn't cracked we can replace it. If the touch quits working and the screen ISN'T cracked, we can replace it.

My screen popped out and when i pushed it back in it cracked, is it covered?

No you cracked the screen so warranty wont cover it. If for any reason your screen lifts or pops out of the frame you need to bring it to us so we can put it back in properly. Screens will pop out of phones as dirt builds up or as you drop them repeatedly.

My touch quit working on my iPhone 6, what can it be?

The iPhone 6 and 6+ has a known issue of board damage after the phone gets twisted or bent even the slightest way. Apple made the frames so thin that they twist easy. The problem with this is that there are 2 chips on the board that control the touch and these chips solder points break and become corroded. The only way to fix this is to remove the chips and repair the solder. We at Super Geeks Repairs can get this problem for you fixed.

Is purchase price refundable?

We do not offer refunds on any phones we sell. We offer a 30 day warranty that will cover if anything on the phone quits working. We will get the phone fixed up and running like new. If you bring the phone back with a cracked screen, that isn't covered under our warranty, if the phone comes back with water damage, that isn't covered under our warranty. If our warranty sticker is tampered with on the inside of the phone, that voids all warranty. If for some reason we do agree to give you a refund you will have to pay a 30% restock fee.