Would you like a side of RICE with your wet phone?

Have you ever dropped your iphone in water, maybe a pool, or sad to say the toilet? Whats the first thing everyone tells you? “PUT IT IN RICE”! Will rice really help your phone? Well we are going to share a few tips that will hopefully save your phone if you happen to have an accident with it that involves liquid.

The facts about rice is that it will only soak up any moisture that it touches, so all of the water inside the phone will stay there. As it drys up it will create corrosion on the board and over time will stop working. The proper way to treat any water damage to a cell phone is to have the phone opened up and properly cleaned.

Follow the steps below and you should have a high chance of saving your phone.

  1. Shut it off instantly.iphone repair columbia city in
  2. Don’t plug it in to try and charge it
  3. If you can’t get it to a shop right away you can fill a baggie half way with rice and drop the phone in the bag. Stand it up so water will drain down through your charging port.
  4. Get your phone into the shop.

Even if you let your iphone sit in rice for 2 weeks and you don’t think the iphone is wet any longer, if there is any hint of moisture under the shields on the motherboard and you plug your iphone in you can burn up parts on the motherboard. Then you would be looking at a more expensive repair.

So will rice save your phone? Not on its own, but it will help start the process.

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